Tuesday 24 February 2009

We're back!

Blimy, so that’s over seven months between posts. We're very bad blog owners.

I'd love to say that despite the lack of posts the allotment has been a hive of activity since we last posted and already we're ahead of schedule for this new growing year. Unfortunately, while I could indeed say that I doubt I'd be fooling anyone and the sad truth of the mater is that a combination of getting married (which went very well thank you), going on honeymoon and the horrible weather we had in the second half of last year meant that other than harvesting what we'd planted the plot has been pretty much untouched since the middle of September.

However, all that is the past, we're in 2009 now and anything is possible. Thanks to my wonderful Granddad we're now in the possession of a brand new rotivator and with it a renewed sense of enthusiasm to be better organised and prepared this year. The clearing of the plot is underway (forgot to take a camera with me so no pics yet, oops) and we're hoping to have enough done to rotivate in about three weeks time all being well.

I saw a post on
Allotments 4 All which asked what peoples aims were for the 2009 growing season which seemed a good idea so I thought I'd re-post my entry here as it fits the nature of this post pretty well, and then you can all remind us when we don't keep to them...

1) Grow more onions, thought about 100 would have been enough, but nope, almost run out already...

2) Write down the variety of the spuds we grow so we don't end up stood at the Potato Day next year wondering which the lovely ones we grew last year were.

3) Get round to sowing the root veg rather than just talking about it.

4) Grow less courgettes, never again will we grow six plants.

5) Not go on holiday slap bang in the middle of August

6) Use black fabric rather than wood chippings for the paths. It may look nice but it's a bugger to keep weed free when it's not thick enough.

7) Dismantle and re-build the rickety fruit tunnell we inherited with the plot.

8) Build the 'seating' area complete with bench and flower tubs I promised myself when we took the plot on.