Friday, 11 January 2008

Progress... kind of...

Well, good news of a sort. I emailed the friendly allotment man to ask about the possibility of us getting an allotment before the April renewal period and he replied confirming that we would indeed be plot holders before then and he'll be in touch when he has details.

Of course, that’s still a little vague but it's at least confirmation that we'll be getting one and it should be early enough in the year to give us a full growing season. Just have to sit and wait now...

Jobs for the weekend :
1) Go through seeds and sort out a planting time plan.
2) Inspect the onions and garlic.
3) If the rain stops start digging the new flower border in the front garden.


VP said...

That's exactly the same kind of promise I had before I got my plot 4 years ago and I did get it! No harm in a friendly phone call every few weeks just to remind them that you're there and still keen.

BTW I've tagged you on my blog today as a welcome to the blogosphere present!

Anonymous said...

I remember getting my first allotment, trying to wrangle a "moving-in" date with the guy in the council who dealt with it all. Thankfully he was encouraging and did remember us when a plot became free.

Unfortunately I had to give it up after a year, due to moving away. But it's very satisfying and hope you hear more good news :)

Ps. Am glad you're inspired ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hello! I've had my allotment, which is only a half plot, since July. I was really lucky as I only enquired about getting one a month or so earlier, and even better it's only a few minutes walk from home.
I don't have a garden, but love gardening so you can imagine my feelings the first day I started clearing the weeds.
My blog is all about my plot, and other things, and I always enjoy looking at other gardening blogs.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Almost there! Thanks for the help, but i think i'm gonna give it a miss. I like the idea of the allotment being just around the corner, so i can amble on down. Hope you get into yours soon, otherwise your house is gonna be packed!