Tuesday 12 July 2011

We're back!

Well that's holidays over for another year. Scotland was amazing, the Highlands have to be one of the most spectacular places one earth! Happily we've also got this week off work so it's not quite nose to the grindstone time yet.

We popped up to the allotment on Sunday to see how it had survived the week of neglect and were amazed to see how much things had grown in a week, everything seem to have come on leaps and bounds while we were away and even though the weeds have grown too it's not as bad as it could have been. I'll take some pics later today when we go back up to do some weeding.

We managed to bring home the first proper harvest of the year while we were up there, as you can see we've got a load of early potatoes, a few courgettes and the first beetroots along with the last winter cabbage.

We also picked some of the flowers that had bloomed while we were away and about 200g of blueberries which found their way into some muffins yesterday.

Back at home the greenhouse was tended to by a friend so everything was alive and well with plenty of tomatoes and cucumbers ready for harvest.  The salad leaves have gone over though which is a pain as I'd not got another container sown yet so we'll be without leaves for a few weeks now which is annoying.

We were in town yesterday picking up a few things and I was stood outside Wilkinsons wondering who they thought would ever pay full whack for the half dead plants they had on display when a lady with a sticker gun came out and stared drastically reducing the prices. A couple of minutes later I was walking out with two hanging baskets fully potted up with a total of eight strawberry plants (Albion) for 50p each reduced from £8.49 and a fuchsia bush reduced from £5.89 to another 50p. A good day in the sun with plenty of water later and they're all looking nice and healthy, a bargain for £1.50 rather than a shade under £23.

Righty, I'm off to start the weeding, will do an update with some allotment pics tomorrow all being well. Tis good to be back!


dND said...

It's a real pity that the weeds don't take a break when we do isn't it? :-)

Jo said...

Glad to hear that everything at the allotment has done well whilst you've been away. It's always a worry leaving everything at this time of year. You got some great bargains fromm Wilko's. Those blueberry muffins look delicious.

Martin and Amy said...

What a good harvest. Those courgettes are huge!

Martin :0)

Mo said...

How lovely to come home to such good looking stuff! And you grabbed bargains into the bargain LOL

john bain said...

Wilkinsons. Where is that? I want to go and stand there.

Sue Garrett said...

It doesn't take long for salad leaves to go to seed - just have to keep up a sowing rota!

melsanford said...

Wow! Fab harvest! And those bargains look fab too :-) Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

origa-me said...

I want your recipe for blueberry muffins, they look scrum my! I am in the depths of winter here so loved looking at your blog, though it IS 20 degrees C here today!