Sunday 18 November 2007

The good old British weather

Someone far wiser than me once said you should never put off till tomorrow that which you can do today, not a motto I tend to live by most of the time, preferring instead to put off jobs till tomorrow in order to enjoy today, unfortunately it appears they may have had a point. Last weekend I decided not to perform the weekly leaf raking ritual in favour of, well, pretty much anything if I'm honest, although a beer played a part in the decision if I remember rightly. Anyway, clearly my theory that by waiting a week I'd be able to one big clear up and that would be it for a while clearly caused a certain amount of amusement somewhere ‘up there’ because last night brought with it not only rain but, worst of all, gale force winds.

Waking up this morning I found that the large but relatively self contained pile of leaves surrounding the apple tree had now been spread evenly across the entire garden, as if scattered by some malevolent hand. The only plus point was that the rain was (and still is) coming down so hard that any thoughts of venturing outside to deal with the mess have been delayed for a later date (March perhaps...).

Let it not be said I give up my principles without a fight.

In brighter news, this week also saw the arrival of the over wintering onions that Dobies seem to have been doing their best to keep from me for as long as possible. They should have gone into the ground by now but since as we've already seen the weather doesn't like me they'll have to wait till later this week when I can pop them in before work. Another delivery this week also saw the first batch of next years seeds arrive, along with the realisation that if for some reason we don't get an allotment we're going to have a huge amount of seed going spare...

Ah well, think positive, the worst comes to the worst we could always dig up the lawn...

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