Tuesday 4 March 2008

A quiet weekend

We spent the weekend at friends in London which was lovely, but did mean no plot time for the first weekend since we took control (Addicts? Us?). We did manage a quick trip up there on our way home though, just to reset the black plastic yet again and check things were as we left them, which they were. I also managed to get up there after work today for half an hour before the light went which was enough time to dig over another third of a bed and have a chat with a couple of the guys where were up there doing the same thing. I got more done than I expected to in such a short time so I think I'll start doing that most days now the evenings are lightening up.

What made the trip doubly worth while though was the very first sight of proper growing veg on the plot! The garlic we planted two and a half weeks ago has all magically appeared at once giving two lovely rows of short but healthy looking shoots. I felt like dancing around cheering but thought that may get a few odd looks so I settled for a picture of one of the larger offerings...

Back home we've seen all the daffodils burst into bloom in the last few days and although not strictly vegetables (ok, not even close...) I couldn't help sneaking a quick pic of some of them onto the end of this post. It is spring after all.


VP said...

It's great when things get going isn't it :)

Flowers are permitted on allotments too ;)

Anonymous said...

Like VP says, it's the same every year but it is always so cheering to see spring on its way, and the daffs really do look good this year.


Amy said...

Everything is looking good! Well done you for the dedicated evening visits too, you will soon have lots going on. I can't wait for spring to really arrive (it snowed on Monday which shattered by pretense).