Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Magic herbs!

I have to admit to being a tad lazy last year and not actually getting round to clearing the greenhouse of all the dead plants etc before the winter set in. A couple of weekends ago I finally got my finger out and had a good old tidy up and there in the midst of all the dead things were three pots with herb plants in. Amazingly despite being sat on the shelving unwatered for about three months they seemed to have some green growth amidst their branches so I moved their pots onto the soil beds, gave them a water and wondered if they would survive...

Fast forward to today and the answer seems to be 'yes', there are now even more green shoots and general 'life' about them, enough to warrant being repotted in fresh compost at the weekend anyway.

Ain't nature grand....


Anonymous said...


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organic Slice of Life said...

congrats on the rebirth. its always nice to get a green surprise. herbs are hardy little buggers.

all the best with them