Thursday, 24 March 2011

Spring's sprung...

All of a sudden, almost without warning, it seems like everything has come to life. While we've had some tomato and leek seedlings merrily growing for a few weeks now, over the last couple of days it seems like everything else we've sown has suddenly sprung into life as well.

Inside we've seen the first cucumbers and a plumb tomato come through. I was only planning on three tomato plants this year, one outdoor one and two greenhouse cherry ones, but now seem to have two extra plumb varieties on the go as well. Damn you seed companies.

In the greenhouse we've had Pac Choi, Leeks, sprouts and cabbage appear in their pots as well as the salad leaves and container carrots.

In the greenhouse beds we've also seen the first raddish and little gem seedlings break through. Leaving just the spring onions that were sown at the same time yet to make an appearence.

I love spring!


Jo said...

I grew plum tomatoes for the first time last year, San Marzano, they were delicious and I'm growing them again this year. I'm sure you'll be glad you succumbed once they're ripe.

Paul and Melanie said...

lol you're probably right Jo, I've not had a 'great' tomato year yet so this could be it... :)

Janet/Plantaliscious said...

Glad I am not the only one to fall victim to the siren call of the seed companies, though you seem to be rather more controlled than me! And thank you for the reminder to sow Pak Choi, somehow I keep forgetting.