Friday, 1 April 2011

The wonders of Freecycle

A couple of days ago I put a 'Wanted' add up on Freecycle looking for some paving slabs to use on the allotment and was soon emailed by a lovely guy a few roads away from me offering the left overs from his new patio. So, last night I popped round to pick them up and take them up to the plot.

Not a bad haul me thinks.

The plan is to use some to weigh down a couple of new paths while the rest will be needed to hold down the weed suppressing fabric I want to use to cover the horribly messy fruit area of the plot.

We started off the job of removing the old broken fruit tunnel we inherited with the plot last year, now it just needs strimming, perhaps rotovating, and then covering with something for a few months/years to kill off the last of the weeds while we save the money to build a new improved fruit cage.

After work tonight we're off for a weeks holiday in sunny (we hope) Devon, the beautiful village of Noss Mayo to be exact. We went there at the same time last year and fell in love with the place so we really can't wait to get back there again. Because of that there will probably be less updates next week, although I'm sure there will be time for a holiday themed post or two if we find anything of interest. I'll leave you with a snap of the allotment site as I was leaving last night. It all looked so peaceful...


Janet/Plantaliscious said...

Gotta love freecycle! Enjoy Devon, allotment is impressively neat and ready for action when you get back.

Jo said...

Freecycle is great for picking up bits and pieces. Have a great holiday, I love Devon, we're going in the summer.

organic Slice of Life said...

i love freecycle.

emily (my partner) runs a patchwork business and she gets most of her fabric from people off freecycle.

good luck with the patch