Friday, 1 February 2008

Nope, not this weekend either.

After months of finger twiddling now we’ve finally got an allotment the fates are conspiring to keep us off it for as long as they can.

When we took on the plot we did so on the understanding that any plants etc still growing weren’t to be disturbed since they were technically the property of the former owner since his lease didn’t officially run out till April. Not a problem, in fact it seemed like a nice gesture because although he’d indicated he wouldn’t be renewing his plot he perhaps hadn’t realised it would be re-let so soon and may want to collect/pick something.

After our initial look around and the realisation that there were three padlocks still on the site locking the gate, the wooden box and the netted tunnel it seemed like a sensible idea to try and contact the old owner and ask if we could have the keys and at the same time check if he actually wanted anything kept that was still in the ground. So, we wrote him a letter, passing it on through the parish council clerk who looks after the allotments.

I’d not heard anything for a week or so till I got an email last night from the council clerk saying that the former owner had promised some of his tools etc to other plot holders so would be having a final clear out of the plot and its contents this Saturday, weather permitting, so could we hold off doing anything major till at least next weekend to give him a weeks grace in case his plans change etc.

So, that’s another week of waiting before we can really get to work. I don’t mean to sound grumpy about it, I think it’s nice that he’s getting a chance to have a final clear up etc and pass on his stuff to his friends, it’s just another week of frustrating inactivity after all the excitement of getting the plot and all plans we’ve made. But hey, we’ve still got some plot related shopping to do and there are jobs to do at home as well so no doubt the weekend will be more than full enough.

I just hope we don’t get so much rain he puts it off till next weekend, or we find that he’s taken not just his tools but the netted tunnel and the handy lockable box with him at the same time… I'm thinking of taking a walk up there tomorrow morning and seeing if he's around so we can say hello and sort out whats what face to face, sound like a good plan?

Oh, and still no mention of the bloomin keys…. Anyone got any bolt cutters?


VP said...

Sounds like a good plan to try and 'bump' into him casually!

BTW saw your comment on Fork-It's site re Starlings. when you've finished with them can you send them over to Chippenham please? I'm writing a post for next week called 'Where have all the Starlings gone'!

Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Won't be long though! And then nothing will stop you!

sexy said...