Thursday, 10 March 2011

Chilli babies!

Right back when we started trying to grow our own we grew a chilli plant. Its label long lost I have no idea now what variety it was but it spent it's first year happily watching the world go by from the upstairs landing window. That winter it simply never stopped producing, it seemed like magic to our novice grower minds that assumed such things died come the end of the year. The next year it grew bigger, eventually moving to a new home in our shiny new greenhouse. It came back inside for winter and seemed happy in its old home on the landing. Last year it spent the whole growing season back in the greenhouse and gave us a massive crop half of which is still serving us from the freezer.

Sadly this winter it finally succumbed to the passage of time and passed away. We were sad.

Then, as if by magic, just when I was about to empty its pot, new green shoots started to appear. Now a few weeks later there are loads of little baby chilli plants growing round the base of the old one... It's like our old plant gave us some kids just before it died. :)

Obviously I know really they came from a few dropped fruit etc but I prefer the more romantic view...



organic Slice of Life said...

congrats chilli dad to be.

im growing 'Ají Omnicolor' a really nice multi colored bush

and 'Habanero Caribbean Red' one of the hottest you can grow in the uk.

fancy a seed swap at the end of summer???

Janet/Plantaliscious said...

What a fabulous piece of serendipity! Hope the babies out perform the children.

Paul and Melanie said...

A seed swap sounds like a great idea! :)

Not sure what we'll be growing this year, obviously some of the 'babies' but I've resisted sowing any other seeds as we're off to Devon in 3 weeks and planning a visit to South Devon Chilli Farm while we're there so no doubt we'll be 'forced' into picking up a few seedlings while we're there... ;)