Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Greenhouse update

Everything in the greenhouse is going great guns in this warm weather and for the first year it seems like we might have got the balance right between number of plants and space in the growing beds. We've got three tomato plants and two cucumbers taking up the bulk of the ground along with some spring onions, radish and little gem lettuce. There's even space for some extra sowings of those smaller salad crops which is good to see after the overcrowding of the last two years.

We made sure we got some tomato's started nice and early this year as last year they didn't ripen till the end of the season which was a bit disappointing. It seems to be going better this year with the first flowers now appearing on our two cherry tomato plants.

We've also just transplanted up this years chilli's into their final pots, only four plants this year after last years slightly excessive fourteen  (you should see how many we still have in the freezer...). Two of them are the 'children' of our first ever chili plant I blogged about a few weeks ago, the other two are Cherry Bomb and Hungarian Hot Wax.

The container carrots seem to be growing well too. I keep pulling out the odd one or two to thin them down and see how they're growing and they're just starting to at least look like carrots as you can see. We've just sown a second container of these too, more successional sowing, how worryingly efficient is that!

The most recent batch of seedlings are all hurrying along too now. We've got a load of sweetcorn, some courgettes, marrows and this years winter squash (Butternut, Hooligan and Sunshine) in the top tray. Below them is a couple of pots of basil, a peanut plant and some nasturtium seedlings (from seeds won over at Veg Plotting ).

As you can see it's all looking scarily organised in there at the moment and with the allotment looking none too shabby either you have to wonder how long till something goes wrong...


Nome said...

Wow, it all looks really good! Wish I had a greenhouse... sigh... And successional sowing - I'm impressed! Still have to conquer that one...

Jo said...

It's all looking great, very efficient, especially on the successional sowing front.

gillyflower said...

Well done on getting your tomatoes sown early and your quantities sorted!
I expect i shall find my tomatoes disapointing as although i have a very large number (i wont tell you how many, but will probably feed our street!)of healthy sturdy plants, i sowed them a little later than you experienced lot!
Our Chillies never germinated, but lots of sweet peppers did.
Many thanks for the kind birthday wishes!
I hope to do a post soon on my veg gardening which may be more up your street than my vintage fabrics and sewing projects!
Have a great weekend - we are hoping to get our pea and broad bean plants in now the soil is good and moist from the overnight rain!