Monday, 2 May 2011

The Royal Wedding, a new grape vine and a fruit cage question

I don't know about you but I could quite get used to these four day weekends. Taking advantage of the holiday we went down to Horsham to my brother and sister in-laws for a Royal Wedding street party. They're lucky enough to live on a lovely street where they're always doing 'community' events like BBQ's and parties so it really was the perfect place to be for an event like this.

We even had a visit from the local police and fire brigade who seemed to just pop round to enjoy the atmosphere and let the 'kids' clamber all over the fire engine.

Back at home the allotment is progressing along nicely, I'll do a proper plot update later this week, but the most exciting gardening related event of the weekend happened when we found a bargain in the Horsham branch of Wilkinsons. Sat amongst the end of season bargains was a Chardonnay grape vine, priced at just under a fiver. We'd been contemplating getting a vine earlier in the year but for whatever reason it didn't happen but this seemed too good a deal to turn down. So we pounced!

It was looking a bit sorry for itself but it's perked up no end now it's sat in the greenhouse at home. It'll stay there till next weekend when I get chance to prepare some space for it and plant it out. I know it takes years to establish a vine but at least now we're on the way.

The other thing we're thinking of getting is a fruit cage for the allotment. There are loads of companies online offering them for sale and the price seems to vary quite considerably, so we were wondering if any of you lovely people out there had any recommendations for companies you've purchased cages from or tips on what to look out for when buying...


Jo said...

It looks like you had a great time on Friday. Good luck with the grape vine. You'll be squashing those grapes with your feet to make wine in no time.

Sue Garrett said...

We planted a couple of vines last year outside but have a lovely one in our greenhouse that produces loads of grapes.

gillyflower said...

Looks like the street party was fun!
The grape vine is very good value - well done for spotting that.
We have inheirited a wonderful vine which runs along above the windows at the back of the house by the terrace - last year (our first sunmmer here)the number of bunches of black grapes was amazing - they ripened beautifully! I didn't know what to do with them, so I made grape jelly which was yummy!
Wasnt very good about pruning this year though - didnt get round to doing it all so not sure how many we'll get this year.
Good Luck with yours!

Paul and Melanie said...

@ Jo - Not sure about that, I read somewhere one vine will only produced enough for one bottle... ;)

@ Green Lane - Sounds like a proper vineyard going on there then! How many bunches do you get from the outside ones?

@ GillyFlower - Sounds like you struck lucky with your inherited vine. :) I've no idea about pruning etc, but I have a book on order that'll hopefully help once it arrives.. :)