Monday, 9 May 2011

A rainy(ish) weekend

I'd been planning on spending a good few hours up at the plot during the weekend but the continual promise of on-off rain showers left me constantly thinking 'I'll pop up in an hour or so when the cloud breaks' and in the end I only made it up there for half an hour, got very muddy shoes and came home having achieved little. What I'd like is something to allow me to shelter from any short rain showers but since we're not allowed sheds on our plots I'll have to just accept the vagaries of the British weather may get the better of my plans now and again.

So, having got the grape vine in the ground first thing Saturday I was left with needing to potter around in the greenhouse to get my gardening fix for the rest of the weekend. Not that there was a lot to do in there really, I had a bit of a tidy, politely re-homed a few snails, transplanted a few lettuce and sowed the first few beans (from last years saved seed, a first for us) to make me feel I'd been productive but that was about it.

I'm a bit concerned about one of our tomato plants though, it seems to have no growing tip anymore. It's got two trusses of flowers on, but nowhere does new growth seem to be sprouting. Perhaps I accidentally nipped it out last week when I was removing side shoots? Doesn't look promising though.

The rest of the weekend was spent watching TV and playing video games. Not massively productive but actually really enjoyable after the non-stop activity of the last few weeks. Fingers crossed though for a week of nice weather so I get get back up the allotment in the evenings.


Jo said...

We had rain overnight on Saturday but that was about it over the weekend, it's hit today though. I saved seeds for the first time last year too, tomato in my case, and I've had 100% germination with them this year.

Sue Garrett said...

Not much rain here just a couple of quick heavy showers when we were at the plot and so it was run into the shed and have a coffee break - shame you're not allowed sheds on your site.

Is the tomato definitely an upright variety and not a tumbling type? I'm sure it will find a way to right itself.

Paul and Melanie said...

@ Jo - Well done with the tomato seeds. Always thought saving seeds from toms sounded a pain cos they're so wet. You'll have to give me some tips. :)

@ GLA - Yeah, it's Golden Nugget'. I was wondering if it needed the side shoots taken off or not, but surely it should still be growing 'up' in some way...

c.kitteridge said...

You had rain - you lucky people!