Saturday, 21 May 2011

Cake, because we're worth it.

Sometimes getting the baking stuff out and filling the house with the smell of cooking cakes is just what the doctor ordered. So when M suggested an afternoon baking it seemed like the perfect thing to do after a morning of productivity on the allotment.

Look good don't they.

Got more allotment work to do tomorrow so I'll blog about things plot related next time. Hope you're all enjoying your weekend!


Mark N said...

That chocolate cake looks fab!!!!!
A real feel-good, bit of indulgence. Good for you.

Martin and Amy said...


Anonymous said...

They look yummy!
I'm the other way round funnily enough, I go to the allotment as my therapy to get away from baking!

melsanford said...

Yum! They look fab! :-) Mel xx

Jo said...

They look delicious, they wouldn't last long in our house.